How To UseΒΆ

  1. Login

Access to URL address to open Login page. Enter private key into Private key text field then click login to login to Smart Staking wallet. Private key can be get on Nexty mobile app wallet.

  1. Dashboard

After login, Dashboard is displayed with these following information:

  • Reward Pool: Total number of NTY in Reward Pool. This amount of NTY will be used for paying reward for players.
  • Total Smart Staking amount: total number of NTY which players have deposit into Smart Staking program.
  • Current reward rate: packages of smart staking program and their reward rate. There are 4 packages: 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days. The rate can be changed by owner.
  • During the smart staking time, if the rates are changed by owner, old smart staking packages are not affected (they will keep the old reward rates)
  1. Deposit
  • Click on Deposit submenu on side menu,

  • Your balance: current number of NYT in your wallet.

  • Reward pool: current number of NTY in smart staking wallet.

  • Package: smart staking packages include:

    • 7 days
    • 30 days
    • 90 days
    • 180 days
  • Amount: number of NTY which players want to send to smart staking.

  1. Deposit to smart staking

To send NTY to smart staking program, please process follow these steps: - Step 1: Select a package - Step 2: Enter an amount of NTY. The minimum amount is 500.000 NTY (50 pNTY). The total estimated reward will be pre-calculated based on entered amount and selected package.

  • Amount cannot be greater than current balance.
  • Smart staking program will not process if reward pool is not enough to pay for enter amount and selected package.
  • Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox
  • Step 5: Click button Add

Click on confirmation dialog to check all the information again > Click on Yes, Smart Staking is created successfully.

  1. List packages

List Packages screen displays all the smart staking packages which player has created.

All packages are displayed in a table with following columns:

  • Name: ID of smart staking package.
  • Amount: Number of NTY has been deposit to smart staking.
  • Status: Status of packages.
  • Package: Package of smart staking which player has chosen.
  • Maturity date: The end date of smart staking package. On this day, player can withdraw all the deposit amount and total reward.
  • Estimated reward: estimated reward which player can received after maturity date.
  • Click to ID hyperlink of a smart staking package to view its details