What is Smart Staking?

Smart staking program, which is part of Price Stabilization System, is a monetary policy to regulating demand and supply. By providing flexible bonus, this program can inspire NTY holders to sell, buy or hold NTY to adapt to the balance of demand and supply. There are three types of staking programs:

  • 7-day staking
  • 30-day staking
  • 90-day staking
  • 180-day staking

These programs target to short-term, middle-term and long-term effect, respectively. Using this smart staking program can help investors increase their assets periodically if they keep a minimum amount in their staking wallet. Within 7 days after the end of each staking period, Nexty’s system will add to the owner’s wallet.

There is total 40,000,000,000 NTY in the smart staking pool. This program will be end when no NTY is available in that pool.