1. Download binary release Gonex from github:

wget -O gonex.gz

  • Extract then gunzip gonex file:

gunzip gonex.gz

  • Grant run permission:

chmod +x ./gonex

  1. Create new account (wallet):
  • Enter the following commands in command prompt to create a new account (wallet):

./gonex account new

  • Enter passphrase, and confirm passphrase, then the wallet display the Address
  1. Start a simple node:

gonex --ethstats "" console

View coinbase Address


  1. Start a miner node:
  • Create a text file containing the password you typed above

echo Your-Password-Of-Wallet >> sealer_password.txt

  • Initiate miner node:
./gonex --ethstats "" --unlock "[eth.coinbase]" --pass
word “sealer_password.txt" --etherbase "[eth.coinbase]" --mine console


./gonex --ethstats "" --unlock  "0xc74ebc22341092ef8
caaa989f2f05e44f0ee25bc " --password "sealer_password.txt" --ether
base "0xc74ebc22341092ef8caaa989f2f05e44f0ee25bc"  --mine console

After the node is successfully deployed, go to Nextats to check if your node is deployed on the network.