Add new multi-signature walletΒΆ

  • In tab Wallets, click Add, choose Create new wallet, click Next to create a new multi-signature wallet.

  • Enter information in Deploy new wallet:

Name: Name of multi-signature wallet. Required confirmations: The number of confirmations necessary to process a transaction. Daily limit (NTY): The amount of NTY allowed to be withdrawn per day without confirmation. Your wallet is the Owner wallet by default. Enter Name and Address, then click Add to add Owner.

  • Click Deploy.

  • Configure Gas is automatically calculated, click Send transaction and confirm on Metamask.

  • After the transaction is successfully confirmed, a new multi-signature wallet is created.

  • Click on wallet name for details:

Owners: The owner list of multi-signature wallet, can add, edit name and wallet address of owner. Tokens: The token list of multi-signature wallet, can add, edit and remove token. Multisign transaction: transaction history.