Restore a WalletΒΆ

  • Restore with backup code

    • Retrieve backup code:

    1. Go to menu: SettingBackup.

    2. Tap Back up, Enter your Local Passcode. Wait for the process to complete.

    3. Copy code: Click button copy code to copy back up code.

    4. Save or share file backup: To save in your device or share the backup file.

    • Restore your wallet:

    1. From Menu, tap Restore Wallet, choose tab Backup Code

    2. Backup code: Enter the backup code

    3. which was saved or choose icon folder to upload the backup file.

    4. Local passcode: Enter a new Local Passcode, which will be used to access your wallet.

    5. Confirm local passcode: Re-enter Local Passcode.

    6. Tap Continue to restore the wallet.

    • Restore wallet with private key

    1. Open Menu, tap Private key.

    2. Click Get Private key.

    3. Enter Local passcode.

    4. Click Copy Private Key. Save private key to restore wallet.