Create A Pool

  1. Login Nexty Poolmaster

  2. Go to Pool Maker

  • Owner is the wallet address used to login.

  • Pool’s Name is the name of the pool.

  • Pool’s website is the website of the pool.

  • Pool’s Location is the location of the pool.

  • Pool’s logo is the logo of the pool (URL).

  • Compensation Rate is the percentage (%) of the NTY reward for the Poolmaster.

  • Max Lock Duration (days) is the maximum duration NTF will be locked after a NTF withdrawal request sent to the poolmaster (7 days maximum).

  • Owner action delays (hours) is the duration of a pool master’s action will take place.

Click on Create a Pool to complete the action. The pool master can give action to the pool in Pool Control.


After the pool is created, users can find the pool in Nexty Governance.