Nexty Governance


After a node is set up, users should login Nexty Governance to become a sealer. Open your web browser, go to Nexty Governance

  1. Using Nexty Wallet Private Key

This is not recommended for Login because of potential security breach

Enter your private key, then click Login to continue.

  1. Using Metamask

  • Go to Metamask

  • If you don’t know how to use Metamask, please watch their How It Works video

  • After having completed the transaction, you can find Metamask icon on Extension taskbar (typically located on the top-right corner of the browser)

  • Create your account (Remember to save your backup phrase)

  • A window will appear, on top of the window, click on the dropdown button, then Custom RPC (We are using the same RPC in How To Create Token on Nexty)

  • Scroll down to find New Network tab, then enter in New RPC URL, ChainID: 66666, Symbol: NTY, Nickname: Nexty.


After login Nexty Governance, Dashboard displays the following information:

  • Holding is the current amount of NTF available in Wallet

  • Deposited is the current ammount of NTF deposited into Nexty Governance

  • Status is the status of your wallet in Nexty Governance

  • Coinbase Sealer’s coinbase address

NTF Transfer

  • Nexty Governance allows user to transfer NTF between accounts

  • To transfer NTF to other address, input destination address into To address (The address must be ERC20 format)

  • User inputs amount of NTF to transfer then click Send

  • A confirmation pop-up window will appear, click Yes to confirm, or No to cancel

  • After the transaction is processed and completed, a notification window will display Transferred success


This is where user deposit NTF into Nexty Governance to become a sealer.

  • Your balance is the amount of NTF are available in your wallet

  • Deposited is the amount of NTF you deposited

  • Amount Enter the amount you want to deposit

The valid amount of NTF entered must be a positive integer, greater than 0 and less than or equal to your existing amount

  • A confirmation pop-up window will appear, click Yes to confirm, or No to cancel


Users can withdraw the amount of money they have deposited if they did not registered as Sealer. If the user is already a Sealer, they can not withdraw. When leaving the group, the amount of money users deposited will be locked in a period of time. After that, users can withdraw.


  • Minimum to join is the minimum amount of NTF necessary to participate in sealing


  • Signer address The account address that sealer will use to sign when sealing block and receive rewards on their NTF token-holding address

You can grab Signer address from [eth.coinbase] as generated/configured in gonex

  • Requirements:

❖ A participant should deposit at least 50,000 NTF into registration contract

❖ A participant need to set their Signer address to seal the block

  • Click Join button to complete the action, click Yes to confirm, or No to cancel

Deposited amount will be locked after leaving Nexty Governance

  • Sealer clicks Leave to exit from Nexty Governance

  • Lock duration after leaving is the duration that NTF is locked after leaving

  • After user has left Nexty Governance, a notification window will display Left success


  • Click Yes on confirmation dialog to complete the action, or No to cancel

  • After user has logged out, a notification window will display Logout successfully